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Welcome to Biz-CIS

Business Components Integrated Solutions >

Biz-CIS's Philosophy

We are a team of specialists who has in-depth experience and expertise in an Information Technology Consulting for both hardware and software.  From a full IT Network Architecture to application development, Biz-CIS can provide you with a comprehensive consultation giving you the most viable solution suiting your business needs. Our business focus is separated in to a few main areas;

Business Analytic

Business Analytics has become more and more critical today. Business review and decision has to be made on a timely manner and the most effective way to do so is to utilize a powerful business analytic tool widely available in the market today.

Database Management

Application Development

IT Consulting & IT security product

We are Authorized Distributor of


Biz-Broker is a fully developed web-based application specifically designed for Insurance Broker Company. Biz Broker helps managing all the information, flow and process within the insurance broker business. Manual work is no longer required once Biz-Broker is in place.


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